LEARN FRENCH in Saint-Tropez

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is an opened French course, all year, in the village the most known around the world. Children, students, adults, avid to learn or to progress, can join for training courses or lessons, in a purely Mediterranean frame which seduces by its nature, its history and its local culture.

                                                 PLACE OF THE TRAININGS

Maison Coccoz – Place des Lices /76, rue Sibilli. In one minute from the port, in full centre.

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Pupils of Russia, Australia, Esthonie, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Swiss, Netherlands, Italy, etc. appreciated the flexibility and ambient enthusiasm within the course.

Modern attractive methods are available to all pupils including conversation, audio exercises, grammar, videos, readings and dictations to aid progress in relation to ones accent and mother tongue.


If you have never learnt French before and wish to start now !  If you want to progress in the worldwide language and prepare yourself for your next stay in France. If you want to learn new skills, you can also evolve into learning and Business French… Please describe your requirements on the formular, page “Information”. Reserve now your training course. A method will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration, from which we can begin on-line lessons by appointment. The teaching is tailored to the needs of each student by native french teacher. The course keeps its traditional aspects for your progression… we will do the utmost !!! The associated cordiality of this course makes it a permanent appointment of international culture. Children and adults alike can learn and progress with these on-line training courses of mediterranean origin which seduces by its nature, its history and local culture.


LEVELS       A0   A1  A2  B1  B2  C1  C2                         OPTIONAL BUSINESS FRENCH

    • A 0                For anybody who never learnt French before
    • A 1    A 2       Beginner 1, 2. Business French option
    • B 1    B 2        Intermédiaire 1, 2. Business French option
    • C 1    C 2         Advanced level. Business French option
    • Evaluations in writing and oral

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  • Individual training course : 13 h /460E with offered book and cd
  • 2 students 13h/500E with offered book and cd
  • 3 students 13h/600E with offered book and cd
  • Mixed : 5 individual lessons and  15 group lessons 600E
  • « Au pair » : 2 individual lessons and 10 group lessons 200E
  • Winter rates/20h/600E
  •  Intensive courses on each day, twice, to order.


Contact : norick.cecilia@gmail.com                       (+33)6 81 09 22 46

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