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Or… The liberty of learning

You never learnt French before but you feel like now !  You want to progress in this language spoken all aver the world ! You wish to prepare your next stay in France. You want to learn new skills, finally you wish to evolve and to learn Business French…Describe your French work wishes on the formular, page “Information”

Reserve from now on your training course. A method will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration, so we shall begin the on-line lessons by appointment. The teaching is tailored to the needs of each student by native speaker without accent, which is why the course keeps a traditional aspect and why you will necessarily progress… we shall do the utmost. Children, students, adults, avid to learn or to progress, can join for training courses on line. As in Saint-Tropez, pupils from Russia, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina, Estonie, America, Italy, Germany etc. … will all enjoy our individual progressive course on line, based on empirism and pragmatism. Modern attractive methods are available to all pupils including audio exercises, videos, readings and dictations to aid progress in relation to ones.

The lessons are sent by mail.


  • A 0               (for anybody who never learnt French before)iStock_000001536532_Large (1)
  • A 1    A 2       Beginner – Beginner 2
  • B 1    B 2       Intermédiaire 1 – Advanced
  • C                    Fluently French
  • Evaluations in writing and oral
  • Business French in option

TRAINING COURSES OF 14 HOURS on 1 to 2 months

– Intensives training courses of 14 heures (on a week) : to order.

– Training courses of 20 hours/ Winter rate

Pour tous renseignements :

Cécilia Norick – Tél : (+33)6 81 09 22 46 –

B P 89 83992 Saint-Tropez Cedex




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